Classic Slot Machines – Too Old-Fashioned or a Breath of Fresh Air?

Classic Slot Machines – Too Old-Fashioned or a Breath of Fresh Air?

There seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to online casino games. Some players prefer modern slot games that are jam-packed with innovative features. Other gamblers would much rather have a classic slot gaming experience, with fewer reels and less bells and whistles. We believe that there is beauty in simplicity. Classic casino slots don’t just rely on nostalgia. They are fun in their own way! Keep reading to find out more about classic slot games, including popular features, our top picks, and where to play them online.


What Are Classic Slots?

While there is some conflict regarding the exact definition of a classic slot game, gamblers agree that such games will typically have the following characteristics: 

  • Three Reels and One Payline. Nowadays, the majority of slot games offer players 5+ reels and many paylines. You can find games where combos pay out in virtually every direction, giving you hundreds of thousands of ways to win. With classic slot games, however, you are brought back to a simpler time. Three reels mean that there are fewer symbols active at a time. In most cases, three-reel games only have one active payline. 
  • Spinning Reels. In some slot games, symbols crash down onto the screen from above. In other games, stars might explode, causing symbols to trickle down onto the reels. But when you play classic casino games, the symbols are always delivered by spinning the reels. 
  • Traditional Symbols. Modern slot games usually have unique symbols that correspond with the theme of the game. For instance, a game about the desert might have snake, pyramid, and camel symbols. Classic slot games, however, will stick to traditional symbols, such as cards, fruits, bells, sevens, and diamonds. 

One point of contention among gamblers is whether a classic slot game should have a bonus round or special features. Purists believe that classic slots should stick as close to the base gambling mechanics as possible. This means that you place a bet, push a button, and gain the rewards. However, other gamblers enjoy the liveliness and potential for extra cash that bonus rounds add to a classic slot game.

Some classic slots add wild, scatter, and multiplier symbols. Other slots may use the popular Gamble feature, in which the player has the chance to double or even quadruple their win. They can do so by guessing the color or the suit of a face-down card. This increases the player’s potential to make money while also adding an extra element of risk.

Why Are Classic Slots So Popular?

While some gamblers are always chasing the newest and most exciting slot game, other players prefer the comfort of simple gameplay. Classic slots are straightforward, and you won’t be overwhelmed by flashy graphics and over-the-top sound effects. These slots are perfect for gamblers who want to have a relaxing experience while playing slots for real money.  

Examples of Classic Slot Games

There are many classic slot games available to play on the internet, but some are better than others. We’ll run you through some of the most popular, well-designed classic slots. 

Twin Spin

If you want a slot game with a classic look but a more modern feel, NetEnt’s Twin Spin would be a great choice. At first glance, it looks totally traditional. Twin Spins uses card symbols (9, 10, J, Q, K, and A) as lower-value symbols. The high-value symbols are cherries, the Liberty Bell, a gold bar, a red 7, and a giant diamond. When you play the game, you’ll be treated to a soundtrack reminiscent of the 80’s.

Twin Spin Slot on Casinochan

So, what’s modern about Twin Spin? Well, it actually has five reels instead of three. Each spin starts with two adjacent reels (the Twin Spins) connected and showing identical symbols. When the reels spin, the two reels expand into three, four, or even five reels. However, to keep things on the simpler side, there aren’t any scatter symbols, free spins, or bonus games present. 

Grand Spinn 

NetEnt’s Grand Spinn is more traditional than Twin Spin since it only has three reels and one payline. However, the game’s Nudge feature gives you a way to increase your chances of snagging a big prize. When you form a winning combination on the payline, you’ll active the Nudge feature. On the first reel, the symbol directly above the payline will nudge down one slot. If it is identical to the one that it pushed out of the spot, you’ll get an extra payout. After that, the second and third reels will nudge as well.

Grand Spinn Slot on Casinochan

Red Diamond Slot

Red Tiger Gaming’s Red Diamond Slot features three simple reels, one payline, flashing lights, and buzzy music. There are several classic symbols in this game, such as cherries, bars, and flaming sevens. There are also diamond wild symbols that can multiply your stake by up to 1500 times.  Even though the game is old-fashioned, its design is sleek and exciting.

Red Diamond Slot on Casinochan

Where to Play Classic Slots Online

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