What’s the Difference Between Fun Mode Play and Playing for Real Money on Slot Games?

What’s the Difference Between Fun Mode Play and Playing for Real Money on Slot Games?

When visiting an online casino, have you ever seen the three words Play for Fun? Perhaps this confused you because online slot games are inherently fun. Who can resist the fun symbols, the vivid graphics, the catchy soundtracks, and the tantalizing chance of winning cash? Well, in an online casino, “play for fun” actually means trying an online slot game risk-free. You don’t have to place a wager to spin the reels, but you also won’t be able to collect any winnings. 

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Some people believe that there is no point in trying a risk-free slot game because the risk is half the fun of playing. On the other hand, other people firmly contest that it’s important to try out a game for free before wagering money so that you can get the hang of all of its unique features. 

We can’t tell you which to play, because it is a matter of personal preference. However, we can provide you with information about both modes of play so that you can make an informed decision as to which you want to start out with. 

Fun Mode Play

When an online casino puts up a free-play version of a slot game, it will typically have the same features as the real money mode. This means that you can familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the game, such as multipliers, free spins, and bonus rounds. 

Some people also simply enjoy the feeling of spinning the reels, and they believe that wagering real money simply isn’t necessary. They just enjoy the adrenaline rush that the slot game brings, so fun mode play is satisfactory for them. 

The downside of playing in fun mode is the possible disappointment that comes with landing a fantastic combo. If you were playing for real money, you would have just made a killing! However, because you were on fun mode instead, you won’t earn a single cent. 

Playing for Real Money

Playing online slot games with real money ups the ante by a huge amount. Players can earn money, or they could lose whatever they wagered. Because players are financially invested in each spin of the reel, the adrenaline rush is much more intense, and the anticipation of rewards is far higher. 

While playing on fun mode can teach you about the game’s engaging features, you will be able to truly enjoy them when playing for real money. Suddenly, those free spins, multipliers, and bonus rounds feel like a godsend!

The main downside of playing for real money is that, while you have a slim chance of winning a huge sum of money (perhaps even millions of dollars on a progressive slot machine), there is also the potential that you will walk away without having netted a profit. Can I Play for Free in Land-Based Casinos?

The vast majority of online casinos have free versions of their slot games, but you will not be able to play slot games for free in a land-based casino. This is because, unlike online casinos, such establishments have a limited number of machines and cannot afford to let people play for free. Every minute that you would spend playing on a land-based machine is a minute that a paying customer could have played on it. 

In land based casino no option to play slot for free

So, if you are interested in playing slot games risk-free, your best bet is to stick to online casinos. If you are new to playing slot games, you can get a feel for them by playing online, and then take your newfound skills to a land-based casino to play for real money. 

Where Can I Play Slot Games for Free and Real Money?

Here at CasinoChan, we have a huge library of slot games that you can play for real money or, if you prefer, for fun. With thousands of slot games available to play, you are sure to find one that you will love. 

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If you play games for fun rather than making deposits, you cannot receive these bonuses (if you would like to get the most out of casino promos, we highly recommend you read our ultimate bonus code guide). However, you will still have lots of fun! If you are ready to begin your iGambling journey, come to CasinoChan today.