Are Online and Mobile Casinos Safe? Safety and Security of Casinos

Are Online and Mobile Casinos Safe? Safety and Security of Casinos

Have you ever wondered how online and mobile casinos keep your account data safe? In this guide, we will show you the steps that reputable casinos take to protect your information. We will also teach you the common signs that a casino is unsecured. Let’s get started.  


How Do Online and Mobile Casinos Protect Players?

SSL Encryption

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security-focused technology that encrypts data transmitted between a server and a client. One of the most modern, secure, and widespread SSL encryption methods is 256-bit SSL encryption. This means that a hacker would have to go through 2^256 combinations in order to break the encryption. 

256-bit SSL encryption from 2^256 number combinations used for safety in mobile casinos.

Some websites might use 128-bit or 2048-bit encryption, rather than 256-bit. 128-bit SSL encryption is the least secure version, while 2048-bit kind is the most secure.
So, how can you tell if a website is secured by SSL encryption? If you are playing on a web browser, look up at the website’s URL. If the URL begins with “https”, this means that the website uses an SSL certificate. 

How SSL encryption works in online casino

Finding out if a mobile application is secured by SSL can be a little tricky. The Google Play Store and the Apple Store are only supposed to feature mobile applications that are encrypted via SSL certificate to protect users’ sensitive information. However, there have been some reports that applications steal users’ information. Be sure to read reviews to make sure that the app is trustworthy and legitimate.

End to End Encryption (E2EE)

End to End Encryption scrambles communication in a way so that only recipients can read the messages. This prevents data from being secretly modified or read without permission. The messages sent are encrypted by the sender. A third-party receives the service but does not have the means to decipher the message. And, finally, the recipient retrieves and decrypts the encrypted message themselves. 


Most online casinos will use a web application firewall, which filters out any malicious communications and protects their websites from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. In a DDoS attack, bots flood a server until it collapses, which makes the website unavailable. Furthermore, it leaves the casino’s website vulnerable for hackers to steal information. Preventing DDoS attacks needs to be a major priority for online casinos, as such attacks have increased drastically over the last few years. 

Firewall used for security in an online casino and mobile casino

Fair Spins Verification

How can you know for sure than an online casino’s slot games actually feature the RTP that they promise or that their Random Number Generator (RNG) isn’t rigged? Well, due to the introduction of third-party auditing over a decade ago, online casino games can be proven to be fair. If you see that an online or mobile casino is vetted by an agency such as GLI or eCOGRA, this means that their games were found to be fair, after thorough testing. In some cases, the online casinos will offer audit information on their website for full transparency. 

Deposit Restrictions

Most online casinos will set a deposit restriction to protect their players. First of all, this protects customers from developing problem gambling behavior. Secondly, if the account’s security is breached, it keeps somebody from making gigantic deposits of the customer’s money. 

Payment Methods

Many online casinos offer payments from secure e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill. In fact, the more payment options a mobile casino offers, the better. This is a good indicator of how trustworthy the casino is since they were able to retain partnerships with many companies. If a business receives enough payment processing complaints, their payment processors will revoke their services. 

Licensing Verification

If an online casino is licensed, it will mention the licensing information at the bottom of the homepage. Some important licensing figures include the Malta Gaming Authority, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and Gaming Curacao Authorities. However, some online casino websites may feature local licenses. Some online casinos based in some US, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, and Romania feature such licenses. 

When an online casino is licensed by a certain authority, this means that the casino has to adhere to the authority’s regulations. These regulations will protect customers from fraud while also guaranteeing fair play. 

Are there Unsafe Casinos?

While there are many perfectly safe and reputable casinos on the web and in the app store, there are still a fair few that are not secured or may perhaps even steal your information themselves. You can access’s casino blacklist to see which online casinos you absolutely should not play on. A casino might end up on this list for spamming players, rigging casino games, engaging false advertising, or having problems with paying out player winnings. 


Now that you are equipped with the necessary tools to identify safe online casinos, you can enjoy the thrilling world of online gaming. If you want a secure gaming experience, we can help you out at CasinoChan. We use SSL encryption protocol to ensure account security. Being under Curacaou’s regulatory jurisdiction ensures that we adhere to the best gambling practices. Furthermore, we offer secure payment methods, including e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller.