What’s the Difference Between Single Payline and Multi-Payline Slot Games?

What’s the Difference Between Single Payline and Multi-Payline Slot Games?

If you are completely new to the world of online slots, it can be easy to get confused by the terminology. RTP? Volatility? Paylines? What does any of this even mean? If this sounds like you, keep on reading. In today’s handy guide, we’re going to explain paylines. Specifically, you’ll learn the difference between single payline and multi-payline slot games. 


What’s a Payline?

So, first and foremost, we need to get you up to speed on what exactly a payline is. When you play a slot game, you’ll see columns spinning vertically. Eventually, they will come to a stop, and you can see how the symbols align. An alignment of symbols that brings in winnings is a payline. Traditionally, this is a single horizontal line that pays out from left to right. However, modern video slots can offer hundreds of thousands of lines in nearly every imaginable shape. 

How Can I Tell How Many Paylines a Game Has?

If you aren’t sure how many paylines a slot game has, or what orientation combinations pay out in, you’ll just need to take a quick look at its paytable. When you first click on the slot game, you can typically find the paytable by pressing a question mark or information button. The paytable will give you all the relevant details about the slot game, including the number and orientation of paylines, whether you need to bet more to activate more lines, and what kind of symbols could appear on the reels. 

Single and multi-line payline slot layouts and factors for choosing certain paylines.

What Types of Paylines Are There?

If you are reading a review of a slot machine, you might notice certain vernacular describing the shapes of the paylines. Here are some of the terms you might come across:

  • Adjustable Payline vs Fixed Payline. With an adjustable payline, you can choose which lines you would like to activate. In nearly every case, activating more lines requires a larger minimum wager. Fixed paylines will have the same number of active lines, no matter how much or how little you bet. 
  • Cluster Paylines. You’ll win when multiple symbols of the same type are touching each other. Typically, you will need at least 4 touching symbols.  
  • Win Both Ways. If you’re playing a Win Both Ways slot game, this means that the payline pays out from left to right and right to left. 

Are Single Payline or Multi-Payline Slot Games Better?

While multi-payline slot games offer more opportunities to win, single payline games often have bigger potential payouts. What’s more, when playing a single ine slot game, you don’t have to worry about placing large bets in order to activate every available payline. 

Multi-payline slot games offer more opportunities for thrilling features to be activated, such as wild, bonus, and scatter symbols. Single payline slot games can be more of a low-key experience. 

Ultimately, there is no right answer to whether a single or multi-line slot game is inherently better. It really just boils down to your personal preference.

Where to Find the Most Ways to Win

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Where Can You Get Started?

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