The Top Online Slots Tips & Tricks for 2022 are Finally Here

The Top Online Slots Tips & Tricks for 2022 are Finally Here

Looks can be deceiving. Most people think of slot machines as being mindless games of chance, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Expert gamblers can dramatically raise their odds of winning by utilizing skill, strategy, and technique. 

The internet is full of various articles containing slot machine tips for beginners, but the information contained in most of them are of dubious quality at best. As in all things in life, it’s always best to trust an expert. So to help new players out, we tasked our in-house team of experienced slot machine specialists with putting down these essential tips and tricks for winning in slot games for 2020!

Slot Machine Tips for Beginners: Choosing an Online Casino

Choosing the right online casino for playing slots is incredibly important. In fact, it’s probably the most crucial decision you will make during your online slot machine journey. Frankly, all articles about casino slot tips for beginners should start with this issue. And it’s bewildering that so few do.

At the end of the day, your strategy and slot playing technique won’t matter if the online gambling site you’re using isn’t playing by the rules. By choosing a licensed and regulated venue, such as CasinoChan, you’re choosing the safety and security of not only your bets, but also your payment information and personal data.

Tips to Win at Slots Most of the Time: The Right Machine

Most tips on how to win in casino slot machines center around choosing the right machine. And for a very good reason. Although you may not notice it on an individual playthrough, an unfair slot machine can pocket up to 10x more money than a fair one. So it shouldn’t be all that surprising that a lot of online slot machine strategy boils down to simply choosing a good slot machine.

Let’s start with the basics. The two most important attributes of a slot machine are its RTP figure and its variance.

Return-to-player (RTP)

Put simply, a slot machine’s RTP is the percentage of money it’s programmed to return to its players. For example, a machine with an RTP of 98% will, on average, return $49 on every $50 you put in it, whereas a machine with an RTP of 80% will only return $40 on those same $50. This is why experienced players tend to gravitate towards machines with the largest possible RTP percentages. We highly recommend you do the same.

The next thing to keep in mind is variance. If you have a limited budget, it is best to stick to low variance machines, because they pay much out more often. High rollers, on the other hand, may try their luck on a high variance machine to take advantage of the chance to receive a larger payout.

Online forums and specialized websites are perfect places to find information about slot machine RTP and variance, as well as other tips on how to win in video slot machines.

Best Slot Machine Tips and Tricks for New and Seasoned Players

Now that we got the basics of slot machine choice out of the way, let’s take a look at some slightly more advanced online casino slots tips and tricks. When compared to the concepts we mentioned above, these are not as black and white. You need to evaluate them on a case by case basis.

Online Slots Tips and Tricks: Stick to Simple Machines

We get it. Complicated slot machines full of extra mechanics and bonus games are fun and engaging. But since you’re here because you want to find out how to beat video slot machines, we’ll have to tell you that it’s in your best interests to avoid this type of slot machine.

The hard truth is that a machine won’t ever pay out more than its return-to-player rate, and the money for those extra mechanics has to come from somewhere. And it comes from making you lose bets you otherwise would win. In essence, when playing on these machines, you’re always paying for mechanics that you will not always trigger.

Mystery Joker - simple slot machine for winning in online casino.

Mystery Joker from Play’N Go is a perfect slot to stick to when trying to win at slot machine games.

Online Slots Tips and Tricks: Choose Higher Denomination Machines

It’s very interesting that most articles about online casino slots tips and tricks don’t talk about this. We reckon it’s because this is a hard pill to swallow, especially if you are playing casino games on a restricted budget. But since we’re here to share the best casino slot tips & tricks with you, we’ll say it: the return to player numbers on high denomination machines are a lot higher than those on their low denomination counterparts. This is because high stake machines tend to be favored by high-rollers, a group of people the casino views as their top-tier clients. To entice these well-endowed clients to return back to their venue, casinos put higher payout percentages on high denomination machines.

Voodoo Gold slot has a max bet of $1000, perfect for a high-stake online slot machine strategy.

Voodoo Gold slot from ELK is a high-stakes game with a max bet of $1000, which increases the chances of winning by a large margin.

Online Slots Tips and Tricks: Set a Hard Limit on Your Bets

Being a good slot machine player is about winning in the long run, not winning every single time. Knowing when to let go and stop a losing session is extremely important. It doesn’t matter how much you win in a lucky session if you’ll just blow it the next time you play because of carelessness. This is why we recommend setting a hard weekly or monthly limit on your gambling hobby.

Extra Tip: Avoid Slots Based on Licensed Franchises

It’s also often a good idea to avoid slot machines that are tied to a movie or video game license. This is because, in order to afford the hefty license fee, these slots typically have to have lower return-to-player figures.

Branded slot machines that most casino slot tips & tricks would tell you to avoid.

Game of Thrones, Narcos, The Matrix and Vikings are just some of the branded slots that would be better to avoid when trying to find a winning slot machine strategy.

Other Gambling Tips for Slots

Lastly, let’s talk about slightly more advanced concepts. These will come in handy later on in your slot machine journey. With time, you’ll be able to use these casino slot machine tips to win big and win often.

Tips to Win at Slots: Progressive Slot Machines Tips

Read three articles about online slot machine tips and you’ll likely hear three conflicting perspectives on progressive jackpot slots. Some people love them; others hate them. At the end of the day, it all boils down to these two truths:

  1. It is undeniably more exciting to play when there’s a possibility of winning a big jackpot. Ultimately, this excitement can raise the amount of enjoyment you get from playing the game.
  2. At the same time, you are extremely unlikely to ever benefit from this mechanic, and yet you still end up paying for it from each of your bets. 

It’s up to you to decide what’s more important to you as an individual.

Tips to Win at Slots: Scatter Slots Tips

As of late, scatter slots have become extremely popular. These online slot machines have special scatter symbols that trigger certain actions, such as a bonus game or an instant payout. Scatter slots can potentially award players very large payouts, but, like all feature-rich games, they’re best suited for players with larger bankrolls. 

Tips to Win at Slots: Using Free Spins & Bonus Rounds

If you’re an experienced slot machine player, this will be self-evident to you, but you should always maximize the gains you get from deposit bonuses, free spins, and other types of online casino promotions. 

Not taking advantage of these offers carries high alternative costs, because you’re essentially losing out on potential free betting money. CasinoChan players can find all of the currently-relevant bonuses in the Promotions & Bonuses section of our website.