Online Roulette: Tips & Tricks

A title card for tips and tricks for winning in Roulette.

The roulette has been one of the top favorites among gamblers for decades, if not centuries. The game’s roots may be traced back to the 18th century when the first forms of the wheel were recorded in France. The wheel that was initially invented as a prototype of a perpetual motion circle eventually became the world’s most popular gambling activity. In the early 19th century, the roulette wheel was actively played in the casinos across Europe and entered the American gambling market. 

The fast-paced and simple casino game of chance reflects the spirit of gambling better than other activities. It is pure luck and a bit of intuition that contribute to wins and losses. Players across the globe find it deeply enjoyable to watch the ball bumping across the wheel, holding their breath and thinking of which pocket it will hit this round. There’s definitely a special charm in the process! 

Play Online Roulette at CasinoChan

Do you wish to test the waters and make a bet or two in the roulette game? Welcome to CasinoChan to try your luck. The game is very easy to learn and can bring you much fun and enjoyment. However, one thing may put you aback – it’s the huge house advantage coming with any stake you make. The reason for this is that the ‘zero’ pocket is mostly the determinant of the casino’s win, unless any of the risky players places a bet on it. 

The more pockets you bet on, the higher your chances to win, but at the same time, the sum of the payout reduces considerably. It’s not a reason to refuse from the pleasure of playing the roulette. Here we’re sharing some smart casino roulette tips and tricks on how to minimize your losses and to increase the winning odds. Read on to learn how to bet on roulette and to secure your bankroll. 


01 Consider all options

Before wagering real money on roulette, take your time to learn all intricacies and find out the variety of stakes you can make. Each stake comes with its risk and winning ratio. For instance, the single-number bet is the high-risk one (the likelihood of winning is 37:1). But it is also the highest-paying one, meaning that you get 37 times your wager in case this number wins. 

In addition, it’s vital to know the difference between European and American roulette wheels. While the European wheel has only one zero pocket, the American wheel also has a double zero, thus increasing the likelihood of loss for all players twofold. So, it’s better to choose the European roulette wheel for better winning chances. It may also be useful to study some betting systems of expert players so choose an ideal approach and not to wager chaotically. 

02 Learn the table layout

Knowing the table’s layout is one of the basic how to play roulette tips. The layout for the European and American roulettes differs a bit, affecting the house edge and the percentage of wins awarded to players. It’s better to find all the differences out before you wager money so that the roulette table’s layout is familiar to you as you start playing and placing bets. Knowing the location of certain numbers on the table is also critical. You can make combination bets on three-four numbers or an entire row, thus increasing your chances to win at roulette and including your favorite, lucky numbers into the bet. 

03 Approach the game with the right mood

As in all casino games, roulette tips suggest that if you’re not in the mood for playing the roulette, then it’s better not to approach the table at all. The reason for that is that gambling is essentially a pastime, a fun activity that only a few consider a serious job directed at winning money. Obviously, all gamblers nurture a dream to hit a jackpot. Some really do at some point of their lives, but in the majority of situations, playing the roulette is a mere pastime. Thus, if you don’t understand the fun of betting on the numbers and watching the jumping ball, then there’s no sense investing money into the game. 

04 Focus on outside bets

One of the wisest how to win roulette in casino” tips suggests that players need to consider outside bets as the most profitable and the safest betting strategy. This type of bet is placed not on separate numbers, but on their combination of some kind. For instance, you can bet on all red/black numbers, all even/odd numbers, one of the three columns on the betting table, the first or second 18 numbers, etc. These bets bring lower wins, but the likelihood of winning is much higher than in single-number, inside bets.  

05 Manage your bankroll

Among tips to play roulette and win, you should also keep in mind the instructions on winning and not going bankrupt. The thrill and agitation of gambling may take all the common sense away, leaving you craving for more rounds and developing a mania that next time, your lucky number will make you rich. 

It’s OK – such things happen to gamblers around the world every day. But if you know that you may lose control in the process, decide on a certain budget before entering the gameplay and start with a minimum bet. Never exceed the pre-estimated budget. Just make a promise to yourself to stand up and leave once your gambling budget runs out. 

06 Keep in mind the probability principle

We all tend to mythicize some numbers or their occurrences. For instance, if your child was born on the 10th of some month, you may consider 10 as your lucky number and place bets on it, wishing that today is your lucky day. But in fact, the roulette is simply a wheel on which the ball bumps and jumps, falling into some pocket at random. So, even if you placed a bet on 10 a thousand times and it never won – there’s no need to worry that you are unlucky or that the number is cursed. It’s simply the probability theory in work. 

07 Stop at the right moment

All sets of online roulette tips for beginners include an instruction on setting a financial limit and stopping the gameplay once they run out of funds. History knows tons of examples of ruined human lives because of gambling debts. 

This activity is highly addictive because of the false impression of giving you some luck the next round or the next spin. But that lucky streak may never come, causing a drain of your finances and leaving you broken. Hence, the wisest online roulette strategy is to perceive the game as a fun activity, ending it as soon as the gambling money is over. 

08 Choose a hot table

Some tips for playing roulette mention the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ tables. They may be not evidently more or less popular (especially in online gambling) as the feature is more common for land-based, real casino tables. You can tell a hot table by the number of players at it and its general popularity. But in online casinos, a popular roulette room may also be evident, with the statistics on visitors and rounds played available for the users. We recommend opting for hot tables as they are more active in terms of betting and handing out the returns.  

09 Think about your odds

While betting on a single lucky number may be very tempting, players rarely win on such bets. Thus, if you wish to stay longer at the roulette table and have some fun without wasting all your money in 1-2 rounds, then it’s better to calculate the chances of winning before betting big. The roulette betting system works as follows: 

  • the odds of even money bets are the highest, paying 1 to 1 (except for the occurrence of zero); 
  • 2 to 1 bets pay 2 to 1 and guarantee one chance of winning out of three. 

The highest payout is given on single-number bets like 0, 00 and straight up, but the odds are the lowest, around 0.027 (French roulette) and 0.053 (American roulette). So, it’s better to weigh the odds and the payouts to determine the right mix for you.

10 Stake on combinations

Single-number bets are the highest-paying but at the same time the riskiest. Stakes like 0, 00, and Straight Up are the example of single-number bets that high rollers with a thirst for risk may make. Combination bets are much more common among moderate players. They include:

  • a Row stake;
  • Split (two numbers);
  • Street (three adjacent numbers);
  • Corner (4 adjacent numbers);
  • Basket (a bet on the top line);
  • Six-line bet (a bet on six adjacent numbers in two adjacent horizontal rows);
  • A bet on any of the three columns. 

Here is the breakdown of stakes, quantity of numbers on which they can be placed, and the type of chip placement they presuppose. 

02 A Quick Guide on New Roulette Games

As the online gambling industry thrives and develops, dozens of new online roulette games emerge every day to keep the players on their toes. Classically, gamblers distinguish three major types of roulette featuring the American, European, and French wheels. However, as time passed, new modern varieties of the game emerged, including VIP roulette (favoring high stakes and high-risk strategies), Rapid Roulette, as well as Double Ball Roulette, Lightning Roulette, etc. These varieties typically don’t introduce any fundamental changes to the basic rules and strategies, but they include some interesting features and bonuses to attract and keep their fan base. 


Get Prepared for the Game

If you wonder how to play roulette and win, tips from experienced gamblers may be of great help. By studying player reviews and hacks online or in professional books, you can become a pro in terms of the game’s rules and layout. If you are a rookie attending the roulette table for the first time without knowing the rules, you risk getting on a losing streak or wasting too much money trying. 

Thus, it’s advisable to do some homework and learn and the ropes before wagering real money. Study the roulette paytable with the size of payouts and odds to come up with an ideal strategy fitting your budget.

Analyze the Odds

Unfortunately, the winning odds of roulette are minimal. But the fun of the process often pays off, preserving the status of the roulette as the gamblers’ favorite. The thrill of observing the ball and the hopes of it landing into your lucky pocket is unrivaled, not compared with the process of spinning the reels of slot machines or sitting for hours at the poker table. So, it’s always a kind of fun to which many gamblers are prone even despite the low winning odds. Nevertheless, it’s beneficial to study all the odds and choose the bets that suit your budget and winning expectations the best. 

Manage Your Money

Gambling is essentially about fun and enjoyment, but the cost of it may be too high for those unable to manage their bankroll. The thrill of gambling often takes all the worries away, pushing some to make more and more stakes in the hope of winning big. How to avoid a bankruptcy or debts coming with an uncontrolled gambling thrill? 

The best and wisest strategy is to set a special gambling budget apart and play only with it. Once you are short of money – no need to seek credit or ask your fellows for a loan. Make yourself stop the moment your dedicated gambling fund is over. 

Opt for Outside Bets

The roulette is a game of pure chance, so winning via a carefully planned strategy is next to impossible. However, understanding the basic difference between inside and outside bets can save you from failure. It can help you win more than you lose or spend longer gambling sessions at the roulette table. 

Inside bets are the highest-paying and the riskiest of all, while outside bets come with a lower payout ratio but with a higher likelihood of a win. Therefore, opting for outside bets can guarantee you more frequent, though modest, wins, contributing to the fun and agitation that gambling promises.