Before you start using BetChan Casino, it is important to read and acknowledge our fair game policy as well learn about the measures we take to ensure provision of a secure and reliable game environment for you under any circumstances.

• Underage persons cannot place bets
• Game control
• Identification of problem gaming


Gambling of minors aged under 18 years is illegal according to all jurisdictions and is prohibited in compliance with terms and conditions of use. Safety precautions for parents: Please, note that we take all possible safety precautions to avoid any possibility of gaining access to our platform by underage persons. However, it is impossible to take responsibility for each uncontrolled access of underage players. Thus, we ask parents to take care and avoid situations when children can use your accounts. To do this, you need to install one of the programs belonging to the category "Website Filter", for example, NetNanny.


To have an opportunity to continue enjoying your game, we recommend you to stay within the following limits:

• Determine an amount you can lose before you start gaming and never exceed this level in the future.
• Do not borrow money for gaming.
• Find time limits for the game.
• Take breaks as often as possible.
• Learn to entertain in any way other than a game.
• Never start playing id you're upset, stressed or depressed.
• Use only those money for gaming that are particularly intended for entertainment.
• To get further details on the responsible gaming, please, visit the website Gamble Aware.


Responsible gaming, first and foremost, means identification of limits (both time and financial) that you should stay within while playing at virtual tables. Constant violation of your own limits can be a sign of a problem gaming. If you believe that you are becoming addicted to gaming, please, answer the questions of the following questionnaire to test yourself:

• Have you ever missed school or work due to the game?
• Does the game have negative influence on your family?
• Can you be described as a person addicted to gaming?
• Have you tried to resolve your financial problems or pay debts by means of gambling?
• When you lose, do you feel a strong wish to continue gaming to chase losses?
• When you win, do you feel a strong wish to continue gaming to win even more money?
• Have you ever wasted all your money while gaming (until you're completely run out of money)?
• Have you ever borrowed money for gaming?
• Have you ever had to sell something to continue financing your game?
• Have you had to stop yourself from using "money for the game" for everyday costs?
• Have you ever played threatening the family budget?
• Have you ever played longer than you planned?
• Have you ever thought of a possibility to take illegal actions, or have you ever taken such actions, to find money for gaming?
• Have you suffered from insomnia because of gaming?
• Do you want to gamble when you're upset?
• If you want to celebrate some important event in your life, will you gamble to do it?
• Have you been disappointed after the end of the game?
• Has gambling ever been the reason of your work efficiency fall or a damp of your general life targets?
• Have you ever tried to escape from everyday routine and/or problems diving into the game?
• Has the game ever made you think of committing suicide?
In compliance with the recommendations of Gamblers Anonymous, in case, you've answered "yes" to seven or more questions, you behavior can be possibly related to the behavior characteristic of people addicted to gambling. In this case we strongly recommend you to consult an expert on this issue.


Gamblers Anonymous is a famous organization providing support to people addicted to gaming. If you have felt that your behavior can be related to the behavior characteristic of people addicted to gaming, please, contact this organization for help at your convenience.

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